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Bangor Fire First Alarm Responses & Still Alarms
Grass/ Brush Fire - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue
Vehicle Fire - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue
Fire Alarms - 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 2 Rescues, Fire Comm 1
Fire in Building - 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 2 Rescues, Fire Comm 1
Vehicle Accident - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue - *Heavy Rescue Spec Call
EMS - 1 Rescue (Engine if Warranted by EMD)
Dumpster Fire - 1 Engine
Carbon Monoxide - 1 Engine
Chimney Fire - 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 2 Rescues, Fire Comm 1
Water Related - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue, 1 boat, Heavy Rescue
Technical Rescue - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue, Heavy Rescue
Haz - Mat  - 2 Engines, 2 Rescues, 1 Ladder, Fire Comm 1, Orono FD Haz Mat Team (as needed)
Aircraft Emergency at BIA - minimum of 1 engine, 1 rescue, 1 tanker.
(more as size of aircraft requires) (may add 2 additional engines, 1- ladder, 2 additional rescues, Fire Comm 1,  Heavy Rescue, Second Ladder Command Truck in case of crash)
* This is determined by ANG Crash Rescue *
Mutual Aid - as requested
**Tank 6 Responses - All fires outside of city hydrants and mutual aid.
Alarms Above the
First Alarm
All Hands - One additonal Engine, One additional Rescue to scene
(** ANG tanker & Glenburn tanker to scene) Brewer Engine and OronoEngine to cover Central, Hire Back Chief Officer
Second Alarm - Brewer Engine & Orono Engine to scene,
(** Hermon & Hampden tankers to scene) Hermon Engine to cover Central, Veazie Engine to cover Station 5, Bangor Recall for 1 officer and 3 ffers to man Engine 2.
Third Alarm - Hermon Engine & Veazie Engine to Scene, Engine 2 cover central, Hampden Engine to cover Central.
Fourth Alarm - Engine 2 and Hampden Engine to scene, Old Town Engine to Cover Central, Glenburn Engine to cover Station 6
** = Tanker responses outside the hydrant district.
Addition Ladders and other equipment are by special call.
*All initial alarms may have other equipment added as needed for special circumstances *

Never Forget

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  Coronavirus Resources
  On the Job
  Motor Vehicle Accident 1/12/2016
  Station 6 Responds Mutual Aid
  Central Responds mutual aid to Brewer
  3 Alarm Fire in Bangor
  Bangor Fire Department announces promotions
  D-Crew Extrication
  B Crew responds to rollover
  Fire rips through Bangor apartment complex, displaces multiple tenants
  Engine 6 & Tanker 6 Mutual Aid to Carmel
  Engine & Rescue 5 Mutual Aid to Old Town
  Members respond to car fire
  Bangor firefighters rescue Milford man from ice-covered Kenduskeag Stream
  Pressure valve breaks, causes leak at compressed natural gas station
  Firgid Temperatures cause more than fires
  First Alarm with M/A Tankers on Finson Road
  E1 & L-1 mutual aid to Hampden
  All Hands with Special calls on Union Street
  E-5 & R-5 respond mutual aid to Old Town
  L6 & T6 respond mutual aid to Hermon
  Arizona Report on Hotshot Deaths
  C Crew - Working Fire
  A Crew responds to I-95 crash
  Units respond Mutual Aid to Hampden
  C Crew Early Morning Working Fire
  Fire Lieutenant Delivers Baby
  B-Crew 2 Alarm Fire
  Vehicle hits gas pump at Bangor Circle K on Broadway
  Rollover on the Hogan Road
  C crew strikes the 'All Hands'
  Local 772 members respond mutual aid
  Man Hospitalized After Court Street Fire
  Eng 5 responds mutual aid - HR-1 special called for collapse
  Members work second fire on Third Street
  C Crew Working Fire on Third St.
  Fire Prevention Visits
  Bicyclist sent to the hospital after accident with car in Bangor
  Fatal crash and multiple injured
  Bangor firefighters, police coax dog to shore after he had fallen into stream
  Hot cigarette butts cited as cause of Bangor apartment building fire
  Firefighters ask residents to call elsewhere to report chronic tree-climbing cat
  Firefighters extinguish blaze, save 6 animals on Market Street in Bangor
  In-Flight Emergency response
  C-Crew All-Hands in Capehart
  B-Crew working fire
  D-Crew HR-1 Mutual Aid
  C-Crew working fire
  A Crew - MVA vs Pedestrian
  Eng 1 & Res 1 MVA on I-95
  D-Crew All hands
  B-Crew Working in the water
  A-Crew Potential Haz Mat
  B-Crew Mutual Aid (E-5, R-5, HR1)
  Woman Burned in Fire
  Ladder 1 Mutual Aid - Church Fire
  Bangor Fire to participate in Disaster Drill
  C-Crew Tank Truck Roll-Over
  C- Crew M/C crash
  B-Crew All Hands 3/2/11
  Carbon Monoxide sends 12 to hospital
  D-Crew All-Hands 1/24/11
  B-Crew Working Fire - 1/6/10
  C-Crew All Hands fire on Highland Ave
  A-Crews handle second major fire in 12 hours
  A-Crew 2- Alarm Fire - Center Street
  B- Crew all- hands fire
  C-Crew Station 6 Mutual Aid
  A- Crew - Fatal Crash
  Bangor woman rescued from Kenduskeag Stream
  Fire does heavy damage at senior housing project in Bangor
  C Crew working Fire
  B-Crew Working Fire
  B- Crew Working Fire - Update
  D - Crew handles technical rescue call
  B Crew - All Hands
  River Rescue
  Woman Struck at Bangor Crosswalk
  C-Crew All Hands Fire 5/15/10
  Station 5 stays busy with Mutual Aid
  Crews quickly douse electrical fire in Bangor
  Fire forces patient moves at veterans home
  Utility truck rolls over on I-95 in Bangor
  3/17/10 C Crew Working Fire
  B-Crew Working Fire 2/4/10
  2/1/10 D-Crew All hands
  1/7/10 Station 6 D- Crew Mutual Aid
  C- Crew Fire
  12/14/09 D Crew Vehicle Fire
  Mutual Aid Dive Call
  C-Crew Fatal MVA 11/11/09
  C-Crew Mutual Aid
  B Crew working fire
  B-Crew Construction Accident
  C-Crew Ruptured Propane Line
  C-Crew Responds to I-95 MVA
  8/6/09 - D-Crew - All Hands - Haz Mat
  A Crew MVA 7-24-09
  6/28/09 C-Crew Working Fire
  6/22/09 A Crew Eng 6, R-1, HR-1 MVA
  6/17/09 Station 6 B-Crew - Fatal MC Crash
  6/16/09 A-Crew Working Fire
  Station 5 B-Crew ~Mutual Aid to Brothers in Orono - 4 locals respond
  6/1/09 C-Crew responds to Explosion
  Bangor Firefighters Train on Main Street
  Local 772 Members get Crash Rescue Training
  3-13-09 Mutual Aid Call, Orono
  3-21-09 B- Crew ALL Hands
  4-5-09 Mutual Aid, House Fire on Water St. in Old Town
  C-Crew All Hands
  D- Crew Mutual Aid to Brewer
  Foal rescued from well shaft
  Natural gas leak briefly closes Main Street
  Thunderstorms cool the heat, but ignite several fires
  Our Past Events
  Annual Red Sox Alumni Game
  Supporting a Brother
  Third Watch travels to help Portland L 740
  Local 772 shop and give toys to Toys-for-Tots
  Chili & Chowder Cook Off
  Hamming it up for a great cause
  Local 772 Hockey Team to play in IFPWG
  2012 Red Sox Benefit
  Hockey Team participates in Fund Raising tournament
  Annual Red Sox Alumni Game ~ June 18th
  Benefit Broom Ball Game
  Hockey Team in International Fire/Police games
  Annual Red Sox Game
  IAFF Local 772, Toys for Tots
  Randy MacDonald runs in Burn Marathon
  Benefit Baseball Game ~ June 2009
  2018 Red Sox Alumni Game
  Annual Red Sox Game
  Bangor Fire Celebrates 200 years
  BFD Apparatus
  In the News
  BFD Selects New Fire Chief - UPDATED
  C Crew works Christmas at the Bangor FD
  Congrats to Lt Fournier
  Engine 6 delivers Santa & Mrs Claus to the local Grange
  Bangor firefighters to participate in Black Friday Fill the Boot for MDA
  Bangor Fire receives new vehicles
  Promotions Announced
  Bangor Fire Department mourns loss of fire safety inspector
  Wrapping up first month on job, new Bangor fire chief stresses education outreach
  Bangor Firefighters shop for Toys for Tots
  Thanks to A/C Cheverie
  Local Photographer Honored by IAFF
  Local 772 wins IAFF Media Award
  Bangor names new fire chief
  Promotions announced
  New Boat To Help Out Bangor Fire Department
  Everyone Goes Home
  Chief Jeff Cammack retires
  Promotions announced
  Promotion Announced
  Bangor’s emergency services secure more than $300,000 in federal grants
  Promotion Announced
  BFD Honor Guard represents Local 772
  Bangor Firefighters Honor the Heroes of 9-11
  Bangor ordering new fire-rescue boat from Seattle
  Local 772 Supports World Series
  Kudos to a good neighbor
  Station 6 (B-Crew) saves one of their own
  B-Crew Engine 6 makes child's day
  Councilors tour dispatch as petition looms
  Cost of dispatch consolidation to increase county budget
  Bangor council to consolidate dispatch
  Bangor Fire Remembers 9/11
  Bangor budget passes with property tax increase
  Bangor council urged to use care with budget cuts
  Councilors find compromise on public works, fire department budgets
  Bangor City Councilors Discuss Closure of Bangor Fire Department Station 5
  Proposed cuts in Bangor divisive
  CO Detectors save lives
  Bangor Kindergartener Gets Quite the Ride to School
  Open House
  Bangor Firefighters Hit the Streets to Defeat TABOR II
  Blue Mass at Bangor church honors first responders
  Firefighters most trusted group in Europe and U.S.
  City Budget
  Lawmakers extending benefits to firefighters with cancer
  New Station 6 has opened
  Remembering the 'Bangor Fire' of 1911
  Best Wishes to Two Members Who Left Us in 2015
  Health insurance costs to rise for Bangor Employees
  How We Respond
  2012 Calls
  Frequently Asked Questions
  Fun for Kids
  Remember 9/11 - Color me
  Color an Ambulance
  Color an Engine
  Bangor Fire Honor Guard
  Members of Honor Guard escort retiree to final resting place
  Members remembered on 9/11
  BFD Honor Guard and MeANG lead the Fireball Run Parade
  Honor Guard presents colors at 9/11 Memorial Dedication
  BFD Color Guard and MeANG present Colors
  Bangor Fire Department Honor Guard
  Contact Information
  2011 Honor Guard Details
  Honor Guard Posts Colors at Conference
  IAFF Funeral Protocol
  Visit our Web Page
  US Flag Code
  Honor Guard at Work
  Run History
  2011 Calls
  2010 Runs
  2009 Runs
  Local 772 & the MDA
  4th Annual Chili and Chowder Cookoff
  2015 Guns & Hoses Challenge
  Chili and Chowder Cook-Off
  Bangor Firefighters raise $9,084 for MDA in Black Friday Fill the Boot
  Local 772 Firefighters raise funds for MDA in Maine
  Firefighters Hit the Streets for MDA
  Local 772 Hits the Streets on Black Monday
  This is why we do what we do
  Fire crew to collect donations for MDA
  2009 MDA Totals
  Boot Drive
  Members hit the streets on Black Friday
  Firefighters Raising Money For MDA
  In Memory
  20180413 - Brother Lt. David Dow (Ret.)
  20150412 - Brother Harold Gallagher, Jr. (ret.)
  20150407 - Brother Fred Manzo, Jr.
  20140307 - A/C Vance Tripp (ret.)
  20130909 - Brother Charlie Bamford (ret.)
  20130424 - Brother Bob Brown (ret.)
  20130206 - Brother Eugene Cefalo (ret.)
  20121227 - Brother Robert Buss
  20110313 - Brother Pete Martelle (ret.)
  20110201 - Brother Roger Warren (ret.)
  20101025 - Brother Michael "Taz" Nelson (ret.)
  In Memory
  Hose 5 Fire Museum
  Promotion announced & New Hires
  Assistant Chief Tripp Retires
  Local responders honored at statewide ceremonies on Patriot Day
  Brother attends Buffalo Funerals
  Council opposes excise tax, TABOR II
  August 19th is Firefighter's Day at the Ball Park
  Local 772 To help sponsor World Series
  Bangor officials discuss merging dispatch services
  LODD ~ Local 1476 (South Portland)
  Local 772 and City sign Contract
  LD 621 in Augusta
  Swine Flu Cases Confirmed in Maine
  Cleaning Guidelines
  Swine Flu and EMS: What you need to know
  Safety Tips
  Local 772 reminds you to be safe on Thanksgiving
  Severe weather Updates
  Chimney Fire Information
  Thanksgiving Safety
  Halloween Safety
  Thawing frozen pipes
  Christmas Safety Reminders
  2011 Review of the BFD
  Review back on the Fire Department
  Carbon Monoxide Safety Reminders
  Photo Gallery
  Guest Book
  Contact Us
Member Resources
  Member Home  
  Officers & Staff
  Memos from President
  TABOR memo
  Memos from PFFM
  9/25/09 ~ TABOR Update
  Legislative Update 2/5/10
  Meeting Minutes
  Member Directory
  Seniority List
  Seniority List
  Telephone List
  Telephone List
  Work & Vacation Schedules
  Work & Vacation Schedules
  Good and Wellfare
  Tom Robertson
  Congratulations Brother Goehringer
  Announcing The Passing of Brother Fred Manzo-UPDATED
  Local 772 Announces Retirement
  August 28 - Linda Williams
  2/5/10 -Lynne Rollins
  9/2/09 - Lt Bick's mom
  Ken Wicks Retires
  Announcing the passing of Lt. David Dow (Ret.)
  Honor Guard Minutes
  February 17, 2011
  February 24, 2011
  January 13, 2011
  January 27, 2011
  Russell/Mullen Scholarship
  Scholarship Application
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