Question four is a hotly contested ballot item right now.

It has to do with cutting property taxes in Maine.

Off-duty Bangor professional fire fighters went door to door yesterday and today, making sure folks get out and vote on November third.

They say they also wanted to make sure residents are properly informed about the impact Tabor Two could have on public safety in their neighborhood.

Fire fighters say if the Taxpayer Bill of Rights passes, Mainers could see longer response times to emergencies because there could be less fire fighters, as well as police officers and EMT's working.

Ron Green is the president of the Bangor Professional Fire Fighters.

"We all took a job here to protect the citizens of the city of Bangor as well as the state of Maine. And we feel its important to get the word out as to what the impact will be. I mean, it's obvious that if this measure passes, we could be facing job cuts here in the city of Bangor, in the fire department, police department, or both."

Green says our state is already facing tough times, and Tabor Two will only exasperate that.

He also believes the Taxpayer Bill of Rights will take control away from local government.

Last week, TV5 spoke with Steve Bowen of the Maine Heritage Policy Center.

The public advocacy group supports Tabor Two.

Bowen believes its up to voters to decide what level of public safety service they want and how much money