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Bangor Fire First Alarm Responses & Still Alarms
Grass/ Brush Fire - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue
Vehicle Fire - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue
Fire Alarms - 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 2 Rescues, Fire Comm 1
Fire in Building - 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 2 Rescues, Fire Comm 1
Vehicle Accident - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue - *Heavy Rescue Spec Call
EMS - 1 Rescue (Engine if Warranted by EMD)
Dumpster Fire - 1 Engine
Carbon Monoxide - 1 Engine
Chimney Fire - 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 2 Rescues, Fire Comm 1
Water Related - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue, 1 boat, Heavy Rescue
Technical Rescue - 1 Engine, 1 Rescue, Heavy Rescue
Haz - Mat  - 2 Engines, 2 Rescues, 1 Ladder, Fire Comm 1, Orono FD Haz Mat Team (as needed)
Aircraft Emergency at BIA - minimum of 1 engine, 1 rescue, 1 tanker.
(more as size of aircraft requires) (may add 2 additional engines, 1- ladder, 2 additional rescues, Fire Comm 1,  Heavy Rescue, Second Ladder Command Truck in case of crash)
* This is determined by ANG Crash Rescue *
Mutual Aid - as requested
**Tank 6 Responses - All fires outside of city hydrants and mutual aid.
Alarms Above the
First Alarm
All Hands - One additonal Engine, One additional Rescue to scene
(** ANG tanker & Glenburn tanker to scene) Brewer Engine and OronoEngine to cover Central, Hire Back Chief Officer
Second Alarm - Brewer Engine & Orono Engine to scene,
(** Hermon & Hampden tankers to scene) Hermon Engine to cover Central, Veazie Engine to cover Station 5, Bangor Recall for 1 officer and 3 ffers to man Engine 2.
Third Alarm - Hermon Engine & Veazie Engine to Scene, Engine 2 cover central, Hampden Engine to cover Central.
Fourth Alarm - Engine 2 and Hampden Engine to scene, Old Town Engine to Cover Central, Glenburn Engine to cover Station 6
** = Tanker responses outside the hydrant district.
Addition Ladders and other equipment are by special call.
*All initial alarms may have other equipment added as needed for special circumstances *

Never Forget

D- Crew Mutual Aid to Brewer
Updated On: Jul 08, 2009
Garage fire melts siding on nearby homes
By Dawn Gagnon
BDN Staff
BREWER, Maine — A fire that started in a Wilson Street garage grew so fast and burned so hot Thursday that it destroyed three vehicles and melted siding on three nearby homes, fire officials said.

No one was injured as a result of the fire, which Brewer Fire Chief Rick Bronson said began about 6 p.m.

“We did search to make sure everyone was OK, but everyone already was out when we got there,” said Lt. Dennis Tinkham of the Brewer Fire Department.

According to Tinkham, the fire began while Mark Lloyd of Brewer and a friend were working on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in a garage at 228 Wilson St.

The two had just removed the bike’s gas tank when they noticed some gasoline had spilled. Though they shut off an LP gas heater inside the two-story garage, the heater retained enough residual heat to ignite gasoline vapors, Tinkham said.

“The fire grew very, very rapidly and it burned very hot,” Tinkham said, adding that the garage and houses were located in a compact neighborhood.

He said a dollar estimate for fire-related damage was not immediately available.

The fire destroyed, in addition to the garage and its contents, including the motorcycle, a pickup truck and an automobile parked nearby. It melted siding on three adjacent homes, Tinkham said.

Sections of siding were burned on the houses at 228 Wilson St., 230 Wilson St. and 127 Parker St., Tinkham said. There also was some fire damage to the rear of the house at 228 Wilson, which is occupied by Lloyd and his wife and his wife’s grandparents Ken and Doris Doak, owners of the demolished pickup and car.

All three homes remain habitable, Tinkham said.

Brewer fire crews were assisted by firefighters from Bangor and Eddington. (Engine 1 D Crew)

The fire resulted in the closure of a section of Wilson Street for nearly two hours.

Traffic temporarily was rerouted through residential side streets.

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